Bară Remorcare Trail Gator



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Bară Remorcare Trail Gator

Conceput pentru iniţierea în mersul pe bicicletă. Permite tractarea unei biciclete de copii (16" - 20") de o bicicletă de adulţi.
Autonomie şi siguranţă pentru plimbări în familie !

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Montare/ demontareNu este necesară folosirea unei unelte pentru desprinderea bicicletei de copii.
Utilizare ușoarăRămâne atașată de bicicleta pentru adulți și se poate plia.
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Shame I was sold a used item for full price
Purchased this with my bike so I could drag my child around with me. Store stock said there was one in stock. The guys at the bike desk told me they had one that had been opened, but that they had checked it and all the bits were there.

It is missing the bolt for the clamp that attaches to the child bike forks, so I have to tape it up for today.

Worse than that, this item had been mounted and used. Bolt holes are stretched, and there are scratches all over it.

I would take it back, but need it today and it was the only one available.

Really disappointed that you would sell a damaged, incomplete product for full price. It obviously wasn't checked and I assume that the previous owner got a full refund.

Not sure where to go from here, as I have had to use it or face very disappointed children.

I have very high regard for Decathlon, but this experience has really dented it.

Stockport store
Excellent Product
Folosit pentru peste 2 ani
The usual negative comments from people who usually encounter issues because they have not read the instructions properly. The product is tricky to attach correctly as there has to be many parts for different types and sizes of bikes it will be attached to. There are youtube videios showing you how to attach if cannot understand instructions which most do. As for scratching paint, if you are putting metal on metal there will be marks, common sense must prevail, you either accept there will be a mark where you clamp the gaitor or you don't fit, it has to be metal against metal to be secure and safe. The product fitted to two of my girls bikes and she loved it and we had many a great outing on it and as she became more confident you can just detach and stow away on the towing bike to continue your journey. Excellent product and I recommend it.
Confidence building
Beware if this is for a Decathlon child's bike
Folosit pentru 1 săptămână sau mai puţin
We bought a 16" jack Pirabike and after a few times out realised the trail gator tow bar would be very useful. Purchased the trail gator and tried to install it only to find that with a central pull brake, which is the style on nearly all the decathlon kids bikes, you can't install the bracket onto the child's bike without an adapter kit. Disappointed I returned to decathlon the next day to find the adapter. The mechanic in decathlon had never seen one and was not aware of the requirement. The part is available widely in other retailers but does cost an additional £10. The mechanic was going to investigate but that didn't help my planned excursion for today. If you have a decathlon kids bike, chances are you need to buy the adapter so probably better to buy both from somewhere else.
My son loved the idea, haven't managed to use it!
Doesn't fit decathlon 14" or 16" from the box
Răspunsul mărcii
Hi Chris,
Thanks for your mail. The Trailgator pack that we sell comes with the pull brake adapter as standard inside the package, so you should not need to purchase any additional parts for the product. Unfortunately it appears that the information that you received in store was incorrect, apologies for this. One possible explanation would be that the adapter had fallen out of the main packaging before you purchased the product in store. 
I think the best solution would be to exchange the kit for a complete new one in store. I am so sorry that your planned excursion was scuppered by the lack of the adapter, and that the subsequent advice you received was incorrect, I will send you a private email to follow up on the specific store and to ensure we find an adequate solution to this problem for you.

Ross Farrington Market Manager
Ruined paintwork
Folosit pentru 1 săptămână sau mai puţin
This product is simply not fit for purpose, the attachments to the child's bike offer no protection. I attached the bar as per the instructions, the bracket that surrounds the head the child's bike caused a deep gouge in the paintwork and very badly scratched the steel underneath. The bike is brand new and as one would be my son is incredibly upset at how the bike now looks. It would be good to have the relevant customer service individual to correspond with.
Ruined paintwork on my sone brand new bike
Răspunsul mărcii
Dear Sir,
I'm sorry to read that the clamp on your son's bike has scratched your son's bike.
This product has been on the market for years and the design has not changed in this time.
If you could get in touch with me directly so that we can work to find a solution with you.
Peter Lazarus UK Market Manager DECATHLON
Trop cher pour la qualité
Folosit pentru 2 - 8 săptămâni
Un montage facile à comprendre mais long, surtout pour serrer des boulons mal usinés.
La tige de blocage de la roue enfant est mal conçue. Elle se déboite au moindre coup de guidon et se fragilise au fil du temps.
L'attache pour la barre quand on ne tracte pas un enfant est aussi mal conçue : elle nécessite de démonter l'essieu arrière, ne peut être orientée tête en bas car risque de tomber, et, étant proéminente et en plastique, elle a déjà été cassée en stationnement en 2 jours.

Bref, un produit qui aurait pu avoir une note positive si vendu 40€ ... mais à 76€, NON !
Trop cher pour un produit qui aurait mérité d'être revu depuis qu'il est sorti.
Grosse déception
Folosit pentru 1 săptămână sau mai puţin
Suite à l'achat d'un btwin pour ma fille (14 pouces 500 unicorn) j'ai acheté la barre de traction Trail Gator pour les balades en famille.

La mise en place du système n'est pas si simple que ça.
L'accroche des deux vélos ensemble est looonngue.
Une fois en route, le vélo de ma fille penche malgré la barre stabilisatrice posée. L'inclinaison du vélo tracté fait tourner la selle du vélo tracteur. Super confortable !!
Arrivé à destination, je décroche les deux vélos pour que ma fille fasse du vélo. Impossible ! Le guidon ne tourne pas sans actionner les freins. Pourtant le système est prévu pour de pas gêner le système de freinage. Super sécurisant !
De retour à la maison je dépose tout le système Trail Gator pour qu'enfin ma fille puisse pédaler seule. Et là surprise, la colonne de direction est toute esquintée. J'avais pourtant prévu le coup en protégeant la colonne avec une chambre à air.

En bref : un vélo neuf à 100€ d'abimé en une sortie et une barre de traction à 80€ inutilisable.
deçu du produit
Folosit pentru 1 săptămână sau mai puţin
deçu du produit, pas adapté du tout au 20 pouces, trop dangereux, le système à visser sur le vélo enfant bloque le frein, mon fils n'a pas réussi à tourner son guidon lorsqu'il roulait sur la route
Très bien
Produit vite monté et démonter
Produit indispensable pour les longues balades
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Folosit pentru 2 - 8 săptămâni
Je lis beaucoup d’avis mitigés sur ce produit et le point récurrent est la difficulté d’installation. Certes, cela nécessite une installation initiale durant entre 15 min. et 3h, en fonction des compétences, de l’outillage de celui qui le monte et aussi du système de frein du vélo tracté. Cela n’influe en rien sur la qualité finale de ce produit qui une fois installé se révèle très sûr et vraiment pratique, et c'est ça l’essentiel selon moi.
L’accrochage-décrochage se fait en moins d’une minute, même pour les moins doués en bricolage.
Système peu satisfaisant
Folosit pentru peste 2 ani
Cela fait déjà 2 vacances que j'utilise cette Barre. Le montage est long et la notice très peu intuitive. Le système d'attache sur le velo enfant se fait autour du frein avant et gêne la rotation du guidon qui n'est plus totale. Une fois sur route, le vélo de ma fille se "désaxe" et n'est plus vraiment "en ligne" avec le mien. Il est un peu penché, ce qui a tendance à faire tourner la selle du vélo. Ma fille n'est pas à l'aise car penchée. De plus, le sytème de fixation abîme le cadre enfant. À l'époque de l'achat de ce système, le vendeur n'a pas vraiment pu me conseiller et je devais l'acheter au regard des vacances que nous avions prévu car il n'y avait pas d'autres produits dispo. Aujourd'hui, je souhaiterais plus de conseils ou un autre système. Celui-ci n'est pas à la hauteur des solutions que fournit gêneralement Décathlon.